Monday, June 19, 2006

Today's Challenge

Health is so boring (unless it is your own).

However I do feel better today. I enacted "operation change" -
to change my body. I completely changed the diet, and upped the
exercise. Other than being a bit hungry I am doing fine.
Of course, there are 4 parties coming up in the next week.
That should be a challenge.....

I'm trying to approach exercise as "what part of my body do I
want to improve", or "what can I do right now that will make me
stronger"? And with food, it is "what can I eat right now that
will balance me nutritionally, and be good for me?" So it really
is an overall attempt to change my attitude, and to think more
positively about diet and exercise. It has always been a
rather adviserial battle for me.

Not much else to report. Work remains fun, I'm sleeping (always
good), but life is pretty average. Nothing to really look forward
to, I guess. I don't know how to make things to look forward to.
I can't afford to take another vacation for a long time.

What other things are there to eagerly speculate on? The vacation
taught me that it is very, very good to have something big, looming
in your future. But there is nothing, so I retreat back into
fantasy.... which is almost as good as a vacation :)

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