Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Uncomfort - (well, it should be a word!)

Finally - a new Channel Surfing Wipeout Video! First one in
about a month and a half. I swear they are getting stranger. And that
since I went off the drugs! They aren't so much funny as just weird.

The characters that David and I do for the Home Shopping Network
scare us. We put on the costumes, and those obnoxious characters
just come out. It isn't scripted or rehearsed - it was just done
as is, in one take. The only thing that can mean is there is a
piece of those horrible people living in our souls. They are secret
parts of us - and we love doing them! :)

Lots of research at work today, I love evaluating software and
hardware for our use. Doesn't always pay off, but it is a good time.
I'm having fun, though no one around me seems very happy. I wonder

Otherwise, getting tired of no sleep and too much pain. I couldn't
sleep again last night - tired as I was, due to pain and having ate
something that not only disagreed with me, but planned a violent
escape. Ugh! My throat has been sore for a few days each week for
the last several weeks. It goes away and comes back rather regularly,
but no other symptoms. I haven't a clue what that is.

The rest of the pain is body aches in my legs and arms that just
won't quit unless I get up and take a hot bath in the middle of
the night. What the heck is that about? Been that way since the
trip. No amount of exercise or stretching or vitamins or rest,
seems to help. I suppose I should give in and make that doctor
appointment, but she will just give me more drugs that I don't
want to take. I'm getting by, I'm just vaguely uncomfortable all
the time.


David Cummer said...

I'm not so much scared about our obnoxious Home Shopping Channel characters as you seem to be, but then I think it's healthy for me to release the inner obnoxious gay man within me from time to time.

Wait a minute... Now that I think about it the outer me is an obnoxious gay man.

Susan Grandys said...

Yes, that is what I was worried about. I didn't want to find out the "inner obnoxious me" WAS the "outer obnoxious me"!