Tuesday, July 25, 2006

24 Hour Crabbies

You can get the 24 hour flu, can you get the 24 hour crabbies? (that's
crabbies, not crabs!!) Since last night I have been getting crabbier
and crabbier. Generally I am not prone to being really crabby.

It started when we realized the video we shot of the band (that I
passed out for, and injured my knee for) wasn't going to work. The
picture quality is good, but even though we had 4 sound sources, not
one of them would work. The 2 camera's sound was crap, the iriver
recorder was muddy, and the expensive MicroTrack hit the ground
when I passed out and ejected the flash card. I had a zero length
file from all that recording! So it was for nothing.

Then I payed bills and realized I didn't have enough money to pay
them all, and wouldn't next pay period. And probably not enough
right until the end of the year when the car is payed off. Grrrrr.

I couldn't sleep because I was hot, and sore, and asthmatic all night.
I thought I had pretty much beat the asthma, but it is coming back
quite a lot lately. I hadn't used my inhaler in years, and now I have
to use it many times. I don't need any more chronic illness. And I
gained weight on my latest diet this morning!

So I woke up really tired and mad, and it just continued all day.
I was sore (not in a good way) from my attempt at working out
yesterday, and felt kind of ill all day. It really was "getting up on the
wrong side of the bed" days - except it started before I went to bed.
I'm a little better tonight and hopefully if I can sleep - I will be a
chipper paragon of, um, something tomorrow....... Good Night!

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Nadine - Healthifica.com said...

Diet is not always easy. It takes huge commitments to keep trying no matter what.

If you don't lose weight or even gain some after you try, don't make it a reason to stop trying.

Keep motivating yourself.

Nothing is impossible in this world.

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