Monday, July 31, 2006

And Again....

When I looked at the weather report from work it said 101 with a
heat index of 117. I was very glad to be at work. Beat it for the air
conditioned bedroom as soon as I got home. This is supposed to
break sometime tomorrow. I so need to start exercising again.

Of course the first thing I did this morning was fall down the stairs.
Very sleepy, thought I was on the bottom and strode out - but I
was 2 steps up. Landed hard on the knees, including the one that
finally mostly healed up after two weeks. I think I only have
bruises though, and slightly sore knees. No wounded pride- the dogs
could care less if I fall down the stairs. They just hope I dropped
some food....

Work has gotten crazy busy, but that is o.k. It comes in short bursts,
and I just have to get through the challenge. Trying to do 4 things
at once right now - it should settle down to one or two in a couple
of weeks.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a report of boundless energy and
ambition bourn from bearable temperatures.

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