Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The best anniversary present

Since "itunes" made me change categories because my old one was
going away, my last Uncomfortable Questions show has gone nuts.
I guess the new Society and Culture - Philosophy category was
where I needed to be. My audience has doubled!!! I am about to go
over 1000 people for 1 show! And all the old shows are doing well
too. The biggest show I had before this is about 900, and that took
months to get that high. This took 12 days.

I am astonished. I always said if I ever had an audience of 1000
people, I would think I had made it. Well here I am. I just mostly feel
humble and honored (and small - quite a feat for a rather tall, big,
hard to miss woman!).

I'm always a bit overwhelmed when I make a goal. I don't have all
that many. It seems kind of unreal. Needless to say, I am very
motivated to keep doing the show, and have 2 interviews being
edited, and 2 more being lined up. Lots more women are
volunteering too! What fun this is! I sure hope the audience
continues to like the show. I'll continue to make it the best I can.

I just passed my 1 year anniversary of doing the show on July 10th.
I didn't do a special show, but I couldn't have dreamed of a better
anniversary present! Here is to another year!


Big Phil said...

My podcast is in the Comedy category by default. Honestly, it doesn't really fit into any category.
I've thought of moving to "Politics", but I'm not sure it fits there either.

Big Phil said...

BTW, congrats!

David Cummer said...

Congrats, you tall, blonde drink of water, you!