Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Challenge

So I did go to bed at 9 and slept ten and a half hours. It was one of
those times the body goes into "repair mode" and you really don't
get anything to say about it! I guess that because I hadn't slept
much since collapsing on Saturday, it had a lot of work to do on
my body and my knee. I feel much better, though my knee is
worse today.

I so wanted to work out tonight, and I thought maybe the exercise
bike would be o.k. When I couldn't even walk over to the bike, I
changed tactics rather quickly. Do you know if you lay down in
front of the bike and push on the pedals with your arms it is
intensely hard? I also tried standing in front of the elliptical
runner and pull on the bars with my arms. I didn't last long at
either. Your legs are just unfairly stronger than your arms!

I guess I have more healing to do, before the exercise regime is
resumed..... frustrating, since I've lost 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks,
and feel like I could be on a roll, if I could just work out.
Does life always get in your way, more than it helps out?

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