Sunday, July 09, 2006

Chemical Girl

Wow, 2 movies in 2 nights. That probably more than I've seen in the
last six months. The 1st Pirates of the Caribbean was wonderful fun.
I loved it and can't wait to see the 2nd one. I'm not sure I can hold
out for DVD for that one. There are so few movies that are just sheer
spectacular fun.

I finally watched the extended cut of the third Lord of the Rings DVD
tonight. Such a sad and tough movie - total contrast to last night. But
I'm glad I finally watched it. After seeing the movies and some of the
"making of" specials I'm pretty much convinced I don't want to be a
real filmmaker (other than independent bits such as we do). Good
God that is a hell of a lot of work! It make me tired just to watch
them making the movies!

Otherwise lots of chatting via Instant Messenger with my friend in
Japan, and via email to various people that have been on my
podcast show. It is so delightful that I still hear from some of them!
The rest of the weekend was completely lay back.

I had a headache for most of today so I wasn't the most ambitious
thing. I virtually never get headaches, so I was a bit confused at how
bad it was. Then I realized I hadn't had much coffee for 4 days. I had
switched to tea, because the coffee was making me a little ill on
some days. I drank more caffeine and felt much better. It was just
a nasty coffee withdrawal headache.
We are such delicate balances of chemicals.....

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