Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fat Head

Yup, sleep was the answer. I had a really good day. The weight came
right back off, nothing really was hurting today. I felt rested and
ready to take on the day. Not a bit crabby!

I got my blood tests back. The Lipitor is working - my cholesterol
numbers came down to the impossible numbers they are now
demanding for Diabetics. LDL under 80?? Mine was 78!
The blood glucose levels are up a bit - still o.k. but high for me,
so it is time to add another pill. I was down to 2 a day, now back
to 4. This is why I struggle so with the weight, if I can get it off -
the numbers will be much better, and the diabetes won't progress.
That is one kind of progress I don't need in my life!

Did lots of work, and even wrote a program today! I never get to
write code anymore - just testing work (which I do love) - but I
was a programmer originally, and kept getting sidetracked by stuff
that was more fun. I even got my program working on a limited run
before I left work today.

I was inordinately pleased with myself at how smart I still am, how I
still "got it" until about halfway home, I realized there was a big bug
in the program, and it wouldn't work on anything over 200 entries.
So now, cut down to size, I know how to fix it for tomorrow.

It would be fun to be able to maintain a "fat head" in my life for more
than about an hour at a time.... That's my life. I'm really great or
cool, for about an hour -followed by hours of stupidity!


Big Phil said...

I've been called a "fat head" all my life!

I've been working out for three weeks now. I'm also watching what I eat. I've lost a little weight myself.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, now you just do the testing in your head for code you write... I'm not worthy!!