Saturday, July 01, 2006

Heat and Parties

The bands were fun last night - the Birthday Suits were more than
totally awesome! They were on fire with a passion that was amazing
to watch. We didn't get home to bed until about 2:30 and I'm
still a bit short on sleep.

Today was hot and sticky, but we rushed of to run several errands
and get a Birthday present for our D.J. friend's party. About
3 in the afternoon, the lack of food, and too much heat had me
pretty wilted.

But is was off to the party at 6 pm and I just got home. I had a
blast, and talked to so many people. We sat out front on the long
steps up to his 4-plex and enjoyed the summer. My butt hurts from
sitting on cement steps for about 5 hours!

Our friend cooked "Luthers" on the grill - I'll post a picture.
They should in no way be something you should eat -
a hamburger, with cheese and bacon, grilled on a Krispy Creme
Doughnut!!!! I was seriously dubious that this would be edible,
but it actually works. The sweetness of the doughnut goes really
well with the sweet bacon, and the burger. Surprised the heck
out of everyone (of course we all tried one).

So if my arteries survive, and I get some sleep - I may get
through tomorrow - a really crazy, busy day.

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