Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hiding out.

Why is it the heat waves are all hitting on the weekends? Heat index
of something like 117 degrees today. This is the 3rd weekend that I
spent mostly hiding out in my one air-conditioned room, the
bedroom. Luckily it is large and has a T.V., Playstation 2, DVD player,
and my laptop and books can be carried in.

Nonetheless, that can all become dull rather quickly if you have
to do it! Wow. Enforced mindless entertainment. Should everyone
have it so rough. But actually I'm kind of bored, so there is always
the trusty computer. I suppose I should be editing my next show,
but the interviews have been coming in so steadily, I need a
break from that, now and then.

Today I got caught up on the last 4 Shonen Jump magazines, (I
subscribe because I want to encourage them to bring more
Japanese entertainment to America. It is so unashamedly
passionate! And they are unabashed by doing flat-out cute.)
Then finished Omimusha 3 and started Onimusha 4. Beautiful
to look at and fun to play video games.

Eating can be a challenge - it is about 1000 degrees in the kitchen.
Went and bought food that can be eaten cold. This house is an
amazing heat trap. Except in the winter when it is drafty and cold.
Go figure. Maybe it is just contrary.

So they are predicting tomorrow and Monday will be even hotter.
I guess I'll get caught up on podcasts, or something. Ugh!

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