Sunday, July 02, 2006

Historical Suckage

Who stole the day? Wow, that went fast. I slept late, and the
morning was gone. I had an appointment, had a creative crisis,
did another Skype interview for my show, and now it is time to
go to the bar for my friend's birthday. Augh - I didn't have
time to practice any new songs, I guess I'm not singing tonight.
Things should just slow the fuck down!

I had a lovely interview with Patrick from Ohio, this evening -
he is 28 years old and is an "optimistic realist", and was
great fun to talk to. I'll work on that edit the next 2 days
and hope to get it up before I have to go back to work.

Creative crisis - I am really, really working on what I want to
do next. I'll keep doing the interviews as they come in, I enjoy
them so much, but I have to find other things to fill the show
when the interviews don't come in. The video show has become
hard for both Cayenne and I. We are in a creative slump and
feeling like the show isn't progressing. We talked a lot about
this, and tomorrow will sit down with David and figure out as
a troupe how to remotivate and what we can do about it. I
suppose all creative people have these problems a lot....
Maybe it is how we progress - "growing pains", you know.

I often think that we as a nation, or even as humans probably
suck the worst before we do something good. We cling to old
ways, or want to go back to the past, and it is the worst right
before we break through and go on to the next level of
evolution. Almost like we can sense that big change is coming,
and we are afraid of things being different. That is my
optimistic viewpoint. The other viewpoint is maybe we just
suck at various times in our lives and history.


Big Phil said...

Maybe you could add music to your podcast.
You could sing!

Susan Grandys said...

Yikes! then they would leave in droves... I love to sing, but I wouldn't say I was great at it.

I never was that interested in adding music to the show, because I'm not that interested in other podcasts with music. I useally have so little time, I don't take the time to sit through a song. :)