Friday, July 07, 2006

Horizon Gazing

Oh my, much mail from and about my show. It is like one big warm
extended family, those who have been on the show. What a lovely
way to connect to people. It seems there are lots of new people and
new ideas cropping up - I guess Uncomfortable Questions is
indeed destined to continue for awhile! Ok, universe, I get the message!

Work was fun, I mostly ended up helping everyone else. As with
real life - everyone else's problems are way more interesting to work
on, than your own.

The threat of the Japanese trip seems to be helping. I lost 3 lbs in
the last 3 days. Whenever I want to eat - I think "Japan", and I am
motivated to get healthy. It is 9 months away - how long will that
last? Having that goal out there turns out to be monumentally
important to my way of living. I realized that for years and years,
there has been no goal, no treat at the end of the rainbow, nothing
to look forward to. Just existence. Could have been part of the

I only had 2 really major attainable goals in my life - finish college,
and then get work in the computer field and make decent amounts
of money. I got them both, but except for a few overseas vacations a
very long time ago, there hasn't been that excitement for the future.
I'll have to make sure there is always something off on the horizon.

I have lots of goals I will never achieve or that have distressingly
eluded me, my whole life. An exciting vacation is a good compromise
to give yourself something you can have.

Interestingly enough, you need to do both - live for today (and enjoy
it), but also have a reason to live for tomorrow. That "one day at a
time" philosophy is only half the picture and is often misused. Many
people struggle to get though just today, but there is no enjoyment in it.

I would change it to "fight for every ounce of fun you can get out of
today - but fling a jewel into the future too"

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