Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hot, Pain, and Podcasting - (in any order)

The knee is better today, but I had a horrible Nair accident this
morning, and let's just say sitting is excruciatingly painful. I'd like
to be completely pain-free for a week, just to find out what it is like!

It was only 90 degrees today, but I am beginning to think maybe I did
have a mild heat-stroke last weekend. The heat hasn't bothered me
all summer, and I just couldn't bear it today - and retreated to the
air-conditioned bedroom. Heat stroke makes you very sensitive to
the heat for awhile, it screws up your internal thermometers, or

I went looking for a new book today on "The Fat Burning Diet". It is
based on rotating every day, low-carb then carb-load. It is something
weightlifters use. I had stumbled on the theory by accident, myself.
If I get stuck, I eat a big dose of protein, and I usually drop weight.
No one had the book, so I had to send for it online.

I tried to catch up a little on a few podcasts I was sort of committed
to listening to - I'm only up to about March on those. I also caught
a cast by my last guest on Uncomfortable Questions - Jake and his
ex-wife do one called "Choose the Left" at http:\\
I was ego scanning, because they mentioned me in #16, and I was
completely in love with them by the end of that show. Wow!
Listen to my Jake Interview, and then go grab that one. It is
the most beautiful, honest and sincere thing I've ever heard.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sue!

So very few people I have met really understand what you mean when you say "it hurts". Of course I'm thankful that they don't have to endure such things, but it's nice to have someone you can talk to about it who does.

During the months following my accident I was extremely annoyed how people would try to relate and while I was appriciatve of their efforts, unless you have experenced it, no words can adaquately convey how horrible it is and do what depts of hell it can take you.

I hope you feel better, if there is anything I can do, please let me know.


Susan Grandys said...

Goodness, compared to what you've been through, I'm fine! I have lots of little accidents and problems. Some chronic pain, but very low level.
I'm almost all healed up now. Thanks!