Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Ain't Got Nothing

I worked until after midnight trying to get the interview show done,
(and still didn't finish). So I'm still short on sleep for about
6 days running. I felt completely done for at work and it took
quite a fight and several trips to the coffee machine to keep from
dozing off. I also started a very strict diet yesterday (in the
hopes that I will have to fit on a plane to Japan - and being
5'10" tall and a bit overweight makes that a challenge) but being
hungry gave me even less energy to draw from.

I finally finished the show tonight and posted it: get the latest
Uncomfortable Questions - Patrick Interview here.
Patrick is a 28 year old I.T. guy from Ohio that I interviewed via
Skype on Sunday. He was very easy to talk to, and we talked about
various science things. He is a huge fan of science and gave my show
yet another perspective.

itunes got rid of the category my show was in (talk radio) so I moved
it to "Society and Culture -Philosophy" which turned out to be a
good move. There are only 75 shows in there, and mine is listed
first - so my audience numbers have been going up nicely over the
last couple of days. I keep believing that there are many more
people out there who would really like my show, if they could just
find it amongst the 30,000 or so podcasts! There is no catagory
that really matches my show - so it is hard to reach people who
would enjoy it.

I also was contacted by two people who do another podcast out of
Utah - and they were both so delightful, I'm doing an interview
with each of them this week. I'm really looking forward to those.

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