Saturday, July 22, 2006

If this were a plane, I'd be in Japan, by now....

It was grueling edit of the show day! I spent nearly the entire day,
putting together the 1 year Anniversary show for my Uncomfortable
podcast. It is really long 1 hour and 7 minutes - but I had
to edit down 1 hour and 36 minutes of really good material and add
in a couple promos, and, and, well heck, it IS the anniversary show.
I stopped trying to stuff it into the usual 45 minutes, and let it flow.

So it is up: #41 - Jake Cordova Interview
And of course, I think it is a great one!

But since it took about 12 hours to put it together, I realized that if
I were on the plane, I'd be landing in Japan by now, so if only I
could take a laptop and a really long show, the flight in March
wouldn't be so bad. Of course, they don't have A/C power for those
flying coach..... Did you know that Business class to Japan from here
costs over $8000!!!! So coach and a Nintendo DS will have to suffice...

I'm now as stiff as if I'd been on that plane. My knee is not healing
up, it's been a week now, since I injured it, and has given me much
trouble today. I really want to get back to walking again. Like to the
bathroom, even, would be good!

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David Cummer said...

See, this is what happens when you eat too much beer & calzone.