Saturday, July 08, 2006

Japanese and Pirates

It should come as no surprise that while shopping today, somehow 3
books on traveling to Tokyo were purchased. I even read through
two of them!

And its back to the commitment to listening to all of the (about 200
episodes now - they do it daily!) podcasts.
It is a delightful and easy show, a somewhat painless way to brush up
on all that Japanese that has been forgotten. It is coming back in fits
and starts - like today I just couldn't remember the word for
Wednesday. All the other days were there, but not that one. Ugh.
So much has fallen out of the brain.

I'm also back to exercising on a regular basis, and am steadily
building my strength back up. Where did all this motivation come
from? Just the promise of a distant trip to Japan? Does it take so little?

To make up for being so virtuous, I picked up the 1st Pirates of the
movie - since I haven't seen it yet and the 2nd one is
already out. I will have to live for an extra 50 years to catch up on all
the movies I've missed at this point..... so it's time to watch the movie!

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