Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Today was gorgeous out! I had to edit my interview show, so I
set up the computer on the porch and spent the whole day out
here editing and answering email on the computer. I'm still
out here!

I just didn't have the energy to go watch fireworks tonight,
so I am sitting out here listening to the booming of various
fireworks displays all around the city. Can't see any of them,
but the sounds of things exploding is kind of cheerful.

I really wanted to get the show up tonight, but it was so nice
out I kept wandering off. At one point, one of the dogs kept
walking up to the car and touching it with his nose. We got
the idea, and piled both dogs in the car and drove around the
chain of 3 lakes, that we live by in the city. The dogs
seemed to enjoy it, but who can tell? They never once said

I'm sorry the 4 days off are over, and tomorrow it is back
to the inside at the office. I mostly work in the lab and
never see what it is like outside. Sometimes you should just
stay outside....

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