Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ping-Pong Balls of Life

I finally got 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is good. I feel a little more
functional today.

I had a Skype interview for the Uncomfortable Questions
podcast with Jake in Salt Lake City this evening - (an atheist
surrounded by Mormans - as he puts it). We talked for about an hour
and a half. He also got me 2 more interviews with women in Utah
over the next week. Yay! Women to interview are darned hard to
find. What is it with women? I sure never shut up - you'd think there
would be more like me out there.....

Every time I think the show is about to die - the interviewees pop
out of the woodwork, and my numbers go up. This is one show that
just wants to continue. I wish it was wildly popular, so I had a
clear message that people were interested in what I am doing, but
I guess I'll keep going, as long as the Universe provides (fodder)
er, people who want to talk and listen.

I looked up a lot of things about Tokyo and Japan today on the web -
and my friend in Tokyo sent some email and advice about visiting.
I got really excited. I guess I was also meant to go on a trip to Japan!

Oh dear, am I just being a ping-pong ball, bouncing off of life and
seeing where it takes me? I never feel like I'm being terribly
pro-active - but life keeps taking me to strange and interesting
places. So I never seem to change my modus operandi.
I guess if it works.....

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