Friday, July 21, 2006

Real Reality

Mmmmm, I am all full of beer and Calzone. I've been putting off
eating anything good, or drinking until tonight - the monthly get
together with folks from my last job. It is a way to keep me on my
diet, if I know sometime in the next month, I can eat what I want.

It is weird to eat and drink good things until you are full, a strange
but comfortable feeling in my stomach. Also from 3 hours of good
company with people I really like. We just chattered and bantered
about nothing substantial - but that is nice and happy making, and
now I am sleepy and content.

Nothing else going on, and that is probably a good thing. Tomorrow
I have to get the next show edited and up - and may have another
interview - trying to schedule a time to a woman in Newfoundland.
May the Skype Gods be kind. They have their own time zone!
(Newfoundland, not Skype) which is 2 1/2 hours ahead of CST.

My ideal life would be to go to all these places to do the interviews
in person. Hear that T.V. stations? Wouldn't that make a better
show than all that reality T.V.? This is "real reality".
(Of course I would have to interview lots of people in Japan, and
Maui, and Australia, and England - all the places I like to visit!)

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