Monday, July 24, 2006

Same Old

Bleah! It is supposed to be in the 90's for another week, at least. This
is too hot for Minnesota. We just aren't well air-conditioned here.
The problem is almost always how to stay warm, not cold!

I'm walking without a knee brace now, and tonight I managed
a light workout. The all the muscles were tightening up, to the point
I couldn't straighten my legs. It felt good to pound on some weights.

Can't tell anything from the diet yet. Yesterday was carb day, today
was no-carb. It is at least very easy. You can give up anything for 24
hours. I did lose the pound that I gained on Friday from all the beer
and calzone. So there David!

It was nice to be at work, in the air conditioning. I probably wouldn't
have left, except we had a huge thunderstorm that dropped the
temp from 96 to 76 degrees in minutes!

Everything is just kind of ho-hum. I really need some excitement....
hard to generate in day-to-day life. I really should have been a world
traveler, or photographer for National Geographic. That was always
my ideal job. Of course, I am a lousy photographer......

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