Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I'm so sleepy, I want to go to bed right now! I haven't been sleeping
well due to the heat and the pain in my knee from the fall on
Saturday. The weather finally broke, lots of rain today and about
75 degrees. I plan on one huge sleep tonight.

The depression didn't come back - I guess going unconscious is kind
of like an electro-shock therapy treatment? :) :) The last show is
getting so many downloads, I can't believe it. It shows no signs of
slowing. Am I linked somewhere I don't know about? Still no one
sends email on the show. 1025 downloads, and not a single comment.
I suppose they see it like T.V. - you never call the station when you
like a show. I gotta finish editing the next show, and see how that does!

I have a fasting blood test in the morning, so since I can't eat, bed
sounds about right......

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