Friday, July 28, 2006


Teacher. Is that my role? I seem to be doing a lot of that these last
few years. And fondly watch some of my old students from afar to
see how they are doing, and enjoy seeing them grow. I wonder if
they knew how far I will go to teach. There are no walls. There are
no limits. They will never know who I really am inside. I don't show
that - it would ruin the teaching.

Once I adopt the persona for the longer term students I choose to
teach, I never, ever, break character. The persona was chosen for
them specifically to also teach them. That theatre degree was
good for something! :) It is kind of a lonely task, sometimes. I think
humans have an innate desire to truly communicate, and be
understood..... No matter, the new ones to teach keep showing up.

Why me? I'm smart, and an extremely fast learner - but is that the
only qualification? I never set out to be a teacher - it is a role that
seems to choose you. Maybe it is mostly the willingness to take the
time, how ever much that takes, and the strong interest in other
people, and the desire to help however you can.

Maybe it was a long time coming. I have a large wolf tattooed on my
chest. I put it there 15 years ago. The wolf is the teacher in some
American Indian symbologies. I didn't know that at the time, it just
seemed the right thing to do.

I teach knowledge, technology, life - whatever it is that someone
comes to me needing to learn. I often learn along with them, which
I like the best. If anyone asks me anything, I drop what I am doing
and try to answer, or go research it, or talk to people who know the
answer, or even just give moral support and encouragement while
they learn it themselves.

I still don't feel qualified to take on this role. It seems presumptuous
to even call oneself a teacher. I know that I don't know it all. Where
are the ones who will help me grow? There really haven't been any
for me.

Where is my teacher?

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