Sunday, July 16, 2006

That was, er, unexpected...

Well, yesterday was certainly...interesting...
The temperature hit 101 degrees with a heat index of about 110.

I spent the day trying to stay cool, and deal with what seemed to be
some early symptoms of the old depression coming back. Being
determined to find another way than drugs, I grabbed the only helpful
book I've found so far "The Chemistry of Joy", and made sure I had
taken all the right vitamins, dietary choices, upped my herbs for
Seratonin, and started really working on the Buddhist breathing and
meditation exercises in the book. I'm going to head this off on my
own, this time, or I will never be free of it - I tried the Western
medicine approach, and I didn't like it. Now for the Eastern...

Actually all that seemed to help quite a bit, and the bad thoughts
went away. The first time I've been able to get control of them on
my own! If I can keep my Seratonin levels up through these methods
without drugs, I might be o.k.

Then I had a lovely Skype interview with Christiana from Utah for the
Uncomfortable Questions show. I really enjoy those darned
interviews! I always feel so good afterwards, and she had some good
and timely advice for me on seeing things positively, and not beating
yourself up. They were good things for me to hear, right then.

Then right after that, Cayenne and I had promised to film a band of
3 friends of ours. I knew it was probably too hot, but they were on
first, and it was only 1/2 hour set, so I thought it would be fine.

We got there, set up, and started filming. I was set up back in a
corner with a low overhang, so I could get the long shots and run the
sound recorder. I just had a monopod and was constantly working to
frame the shots, when I noticed I started sweating a lot about
halfway through the show. Being an old Theatre major, I just brushed
it off and kept trying to get the shots. 4 songs before the end, I knew
I was in trouble, I felt burning heat rush into my head, and I got
lightheaded and dizzy and thought, "Damn it! I can't finish this".
I don't remember anything after that, until I woke up on the floor
with people working on me.

Apparently I passed out from heat exhaustion. I've never passed out
and was rather startled at the gap in my memory. Those who saw me
fall, said I sort of sat back on the bar stool, layed the camera on the
table, and then disappeared under the table. I'm rather proud that
I saved the camera. We borrowed it from David to have a 2nd
camera for multiple shots and it was his new one!

The next thing I knew, people I didn't know were putting cold bar
cloths on me, fetching me water and fanning me. What kind people
they were! They stuck with me, until I recovered. It really was much
cooler on the floor. I should have filmed from down there! The band
found out after the set, and all rushed over and were so mortified!
I hope I didn't ruin their evening. They were the best I've ever seen
them, and I'm pissed I didn't get the last 4 songs.

The band all helped me to the car carrying all our gear, and saw us
off. I know the sweetest darned people! It wasn't until I got home
that I realized I was dehydrated, starving, and I had pulled the
ligaments in both knees when I fell (I guess I don't fall well, when
unconscious - I'll have to work on that :) ). I didn't sleep much from
the pain, but now I have my knee braces on both knees so I can walk
(yes I own a pair of braces, because I've destroyed my poor knees,
many times), and am resting comfortably in the blissful air
conditioned bedroom, which I don't plan to leave today.
That was just all far too...eventful!


Big Phil said...

The same thing happened to me down in the Bahamas.
Just take it easy today. I'm glad you're OK.

Just when I am ready to give up on the human race I hear of something like this.
If this had happened to me I would still be passed out on the floor!

Susan Grandys said...

Funny, no one thought I was drunk...
I guess my age is showing, they thought I might be having a heart attack...
Sigh. The worst is my body is in "repair" mode and I'm starving! So much for the diet for a couple of days....

David Cummer said...

Yikes! Thanks for not crash landing on the camera, but if next it's you vs. the camera pick yourself first!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sue!

Thank you for letting us all know that you're feeling OK even after your fall! I definitely agree with David that you take presedence over his camera - but you're awesome that you were able to save it nonetheless!

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for the interview. It was thoughtful of you to ackknowledege me in your blog and it was hopeful to read that what I had to say affected you in a positive manner.

Take care and I hope the heat in Minnesota dissipates soon!

Christiana =)

Susan Grandys said...

Christiana, you did good, my dear - and
it is funny how often people say what you need to hear. After a tough day battling depression, you are the perfect fresh, positive breath of fresh air!
Thanks for doing the interview :)

Anonymous said...

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