Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Day Of Mandatory Enjoyment

Oh, rough day. NOT! I went to work, went to 1 meeting, did some
work for a meeting tomorrow, and then I was forced to go to the
Engineering Picnic, and sit in the shade by a lake for the next 4
hours and talk to lots of fellow workers. I get paid for this? Cool!

I really enjoyed talking to everyone, and I tried to be entertaining
and funny. But do you ever go home and wonder, "Am I really
funny? Do they think I am trying too hard? Do they even like me?"
Sigh. I hate always questioning everything, even myself. I never
just accept things and go with the flow. I'm kind of jealous of
people who never worry about such things, or doubt themselves.
Of course, I'm not sure I would like someone who never asks
themselves the hard questions!

I rode my bike this evening, and found it was at the exact height
that caused my recent knee injuries to really yell! So I had to come
back home and ride my exercise bike indoors. Too bad, it was
really a gorgeous day out. Summer is so close to over, every
nice day should be enjoyed - like taking the rest of September off!
Europe has it wrong. They close down the country for August
Holiday. August is too hot here, it really should be September.

Nothing else new, except my throat is just a little bit sore. I've
managed to dodge the summer cold that has been going around
my friends for the last month, but I wonder if it is trying to get me.
I'm taking lots of vitamins - being sick over Labor Day weekend
would really suck!

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