Monday, August 21, 2006

Drug Soup

Well I survived the doctor and yet more blood tests. What do they
do with it all? I'm thinking vampire parties.... I swear they've taken
a couple of gallons this year. So I got put on yet another drug added
to the soup to help with the glucose numbers. I'll have to carry my
test kit around and check my blood a lot to see what it does.
Ho-hum. What a way to have fun!

Part of the latest spike in numbers seems to be caused by another
drug I was put on last month but they don't want to take me off
of it just yet, because of the borderline anemia. I've often thought
that we are really just test subjects for drug companies. They really
don't know it the stuff works, or how it interacts. We get to find out
for them! I think I'm on something like 7 drugs now. I was so
determined not to be on any. And then you feel like crap and give in.

The doctor also wanted to see if I could be part of a 30 week research
project on Gila Monster spit. I'm not kidding. The latest diabetic drug
is made from compounds in Gila Monster saliva. I did volunteer,
because it is supposed to help with weight loss too. At first I didn't
want to, because it involved "injectables". Then I decided to stop
being such a wuss, and try do some good as long as I have to be
sick. I'll have to see if I qualify. Weird.

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