Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fatly Old, or was that Oldly Fat?

This new diet is tough! I'm loosing weight very slowly, and you
constantly have to adjust the diet. Today was a carb loading day -
I got up after 7 hours of sleep, ate a muffin and my body crashed.
I went back to bed for another 2 1/2 hours. I guess my body can't
store glycogen and stay awake at the same time. I do think I'm
loosing body fat though, my shape is noticeably changing.
I'll keep playing with it, and see what happens.

I did finally understand why my temperature is always only 96
degrees instead of the 98.6 degrees it should be. My doctors
could never tell me. In the diet book, he points out that if your
temperature it 96 to 97.6 your body has pretty much put you
in survival mode. This can be due to excessive stress or
starvation. It means I'm a great survivor, and will admirably
last through the famine. Except there isn't one. And you don't
burn any body fat. I guess those 20 years of crisis jobs were
what put me here. The book has some things to do to get your
metabolism out of famine mode.... I'll have to try them.

I am only half done with the edit on my next interview show, it
will be a couple of days late. But the good news is Cayenne,
David and I got together and started filming for a new Channel
Surfing Wipeout show! We haven't done anything in 2 months,
and were wondering if we would.

But then when we were watching the stuff we taped today, all
three of us found out we were each watching ourselves thinking
that we looked fat and old. No wonder we are having a hard time
doing the show. Ah, that old devil vanity, gets in the way of comedy.

We talked about it and decided that we wouldn't mind looking
old as much, if we just weren't fat too. Video is very unforgiving,
and it ruins the image you have in your head that "well, I don't
look all that bad..." So I suppose we will either lose the weight
and get muscular, or we'll quit doing the show...

But there was enough web material for a 1/2 hour episode that
Cayenne put together, and will take to the T.V. station tomorrow.
It will be the 6th half hour show we've had on T.V. It doesn't seem
like much, but then how many people have even done one?
I guess that is something.

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