Friday, August 04, 2006

Flying Cars

Is anyone happy? Can you look at yourself and your own life stretching
out behind you and say, looking me straight in the eyes - "I'm really
happy"? I stare into everyone's faces and they laugh and joke and
their eyes are empty, or sad, or shimmering in pain. Why do we live
like that? Why did we make the choices to be like that? Why do we
not take the big chances and make the changes we need?

And on a completely different tangent:
I read the papers, and the blogs, and there is so much fear and an
unwillingness to acknowledge or fix the insanity. I saw the first
sign of life in the paper today. For months and months the gas prices
keep going up, and the oil wars are raging - and I searched and
searched for the articles calling for alternative fuel and hybrid cars -
that it was time for a better way, like it was in 1974 during the 1st
fuel crisis when research went wild, and we were going to find
something better than oil.

There was nothing. Not a single article. We have the technology
developed and ready from last time - but no one has demanded
the changeover. There were actually 2 articles on ethanol today.
There are much better choices out there but it was something,
anything, saying - "Enough!"

And a representative from the oil companies said something like -
"ethanol is a bad solution. We might need that corn for, um,
something..." Could you be any more stupid and blatant?
"Something"? Like what? Corn is a renewable resource.... Would
we have to go without popcorn? Or decorator ears of fall-color corn?

I'm going to hold out for my flying car that we were promised in
the 70's. An pink "electric" flying car, of course!
Or was that "digital"?


Big Phil said...

Wasn't there a flying nun?

Susan Grandys said...

Yes, there was, but I would looked darned silly holding out for her!