Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm pretty discouraged. The new pills aren't making any difference
for my blood glucose levels. The first few days, I thought it might
help, but things went right back to the way they were. I have to
lose more weight! That is about the only way I can think to get
my numbers back down. I've been eating about 1400 calories a
day and exercising 4 days a week, with the net result that I gained
2 lbs last month. Auuuugh!!!!

So I recalculated and steeled myself, and I think I found a way to get
down to 1100-1200 calories in a way that will keep me from being
crazy hungry. I've kicked the exercise up, aiming for 6 days a week.
Something has to work. I've become insanely resistant to weight loss.
My doc thinks it is one of the new meds causing it, the one they don't
want to take me off of, right now. Like I need more challenges.

I've even been looking at Acupuncture for weight loss, thinking I need
to stimulate my system somehow. I'm not so sure about that, yet.
It seems expensive, with inconclusive results. Something has to work
though, I can't live with this. My high morning readings means that
damage is being done to my system overnight. Now there's a peaceful
nighttime thought: "My body is destroying itself, while I sleep."
Sleep tight!


Big Phil said...

I'm going on a strict diet. Nothing but ice cream.

Susan Grandys said...

I went on that diet in college. The dorm food got so bad that I ate nothing but ice cream for a couple of weeks.

I was the only one in the dorm who didn't get severe food poisoning one night during that time. Of course my reward was that I had to take care of everyone on my floor who were very ill.

See what ice cream will get you!