Thursday, August 10, 2006


"When marching towards infinity, you still get somewhere."

Cayenne said that tonight, and it cascaded a whole lot of thoughts.
About my show "Uncomfortable Questions", a lot of people say that
the questions are unanswerable, so why think about that stuff or
bother trying to answer them? (They don't mean that unkindly,
I think they are just frustrated with how tough it is to understand

I've always thought that is not an excuse not to ask the questions.
Maybe they are answerable. We just haven't answered them yet.
Same goes for a God Force. If there is one, and we will never
comprehend it, shouldn't we still try?

Shouldn't we still try to understand what it is to be human, what the
meaning of our lives might be, what friendship and love are, or
could be?
We might understand it all a little.

Then we will have gone somewhere "while marching towards infinity".


Big Phil said...

I don't think I'm marching....more like coasting.

Susan Grandys said...

I sort of picture myself kind of "oozing" towards infinity. Eewww!
Gross picture!