Saturday, August 05, 2006

It actually wasn't hot - 1st weekend in a month!

I think I overtaxed the brain, this week - it was an overdrive
learning week at work. I didn't want to do much of anything
today - just enjoy the breezy summer day, and stare off into
space. Usually that would bore me to tears, but some recuperation
appeared to be needed.

So I just goofed off and did a bit of editing on a show that I really
have to get up tomorrow. Of course I just started. Then at 5:30
I had an interview with Dana in Newfoundland! That was great
fun, and we had a fairly good connection over Skype. I was a
little worried that the distance might be a problem.

We talked for about 90 minutes, she was delightful and fun.
Plenty of material to edit from! And I have 2 other interviews
I have to get edited first. It is nice to have such a wealth - better
than the days when I don't know where the next one is coming
from. I even have another one scheduled for next week.

Next weekend is the Irish Fair which I've attended the last
several years. I'm hoping for some cooler weather, there are
some good acts playing at it that I would like to catch. But
being August, there is just as good a chance that I'll go for a
couple of hours, overheat, and go home.... And the food is
awful - no real Irish food anywhere - unless you count the
beer. But the shopping is stellar. Some of it better than the
Renaissance festival. I always walk away with far too many
treasures. Not too many for me, mind you, there are never
too many for me - just for my budget!

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