Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lucky Me!

I worked until 7 pm again - I have to quit that. I have a sudden test
on a new setup, with equipment I've never used before, and of course
it doesn't work, isn't written down, and has to be done in a week and
a half!

I rather enjoy that kind of craziness - makes you run at 100 miles a
minute and go into learning overdrive mode. Makes things really
lively! (As long as it doesn't stay that way for years, turning you
into a burnt Frito, like the last job did...)

And the job remains supportive, appretiative and sane.
I actually feel kind of lucky to have found it. Well, it found me, so
I guess lucky that I had the good sense to leave the old place and
take this job. It looks like a place I want to be for a while.

So now I'll go humble myself with a valiant attempt at exercising....

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