Monday, August 07, 2006

Mini Fretting

Weird. I dreamed all night that I couldn't get the thing I'm currently
testing to work. I knew it was tough, but I didn't think I was that
worried about it. It was one of those dreams that had lots of people
from my old job trying to help, but the equipment kept getting
smaller and needed stranger and more obscure codes to be typed
into them to get them to work. Strange, how in the dream that didn't
seem odd at all, just frustrating.

But I did make some headway on the test today. I'm feeling pressure
because it has to be done by Friday, and I haven't missed a schedule
yet. I also keep getting sidetracked by a bunch of security issues in
a test cycle I'm not working on. But I know the most about security,
so I'm being dragged into all the meetings. Wouldn't be too bad, but
the guy who is doing the testing is out of town, so I have to do all the
assisting of the developers while he is gone. I'll be glad when he is back.

I sold all my ESPP stock today because I am so short on money, I
couldn't figure out how to pay for my car maintenance, new tires for
the other car, new glasses for me, and a bunch of necessities that
is adding up quickly. Even the dog's drugs are really expensive!
(but worth it - he is 13 1/2 years old and was getting so arthritic he
couldn't get up the stairs very well and was fussing and in pain. Now
he can jump up on the bed, and plays, and is very happy. It is Novox
and really worth it, if you have an old arthritic dog. I wonder if it
works on people?) I always buy the employee stock, because it makes
a nice little savings plan for just these kind of lumps in the finances.

So what does all the above mean? I guess I'm fretting a bit about
things - work and money. It looks like I'll get through fine, I just
had to worry about it a bit, to take the right actions.

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