Monday, August 14, 2006

My Hero Died

My hero died yesterday at 81 years of age. Most people have heroic
heros. Mine is the talk show host Mike Douglas. My family got a T.V.
again when I was 14 (the old one broke when I was 5, and my parents
thought it would be good not to have one for awhile). One of my
favorite shows was the Mike Douglas Show, he had a 90 minute talk
show on from 1961-1982. I watched it every day I didn't have school,
until I left for college when I was 17.

He was the most warm and affable host, and made his guests feel
at home and very welcome. The talk would often turn to very deep
subjects. He had amazing guests and co-hosts on, John Lennon and
Yoko Ono, Richard Nixon, George Wallace, and even the head of the
Klu Klux Klan. He was willing to talk to anyone, and find out how
and why they ticked. He had an amazing curiosity about people.
I wanted to be just like him.

When I started doing my own interview show, Uncomfortable-
, I often thought of Mike Douglas, and he had the biggest
influence on how I did my own interviews. I am glad I had such a
role model, and I hope in my own show, I carry on a little of his spirit.
Thanks Mike, you taught me well.

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Big Phil said...

I watched Mike Douglas when I was a kid. It was on his show that I first saw Devo.
His guest list was very diverse.