Thursday, August 24, 2006

No Monster Spit

Pooh. I met all the qualifications for the Gila Monster Spit study,
except one of my numbers was 1 point off. Darn. I thought it would
be interesting (and it payed really well!). I got offered a 1 hour
glucose meter evaluation for $40 instead. I'll probably do it. It gets
me on the research subject list at the International Diabetes Center,
and maybe I'll qualify for other studies.

Work was interesting. I had lots of fun trying to figure out how some
security stuff worked and ended up discussing it with lots of people.
No one else knew either, and I don't think it is right....

I find that kind of mental puzzle with lots of lively discussion is what
I like best about the job. Really digging in and trying to figure out
how something should work (even if it doesn't). I suppose it will
keep me from getting Alzheimers. They say if you keep your brain
active, you won't go senile. Of course, they suggest you do crossword
puzzles, but that doesn't pay as well.....

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