Saturday, August 19, 2006

No prizes for excitement

Ho-hum. One of those necessary days. Got new tires for the Subaru.
Did shopping for the big barbeque next Saturday. It is a Tiki /Island
theme party, and luckily The Party Store (what a great name for a
shop - think about it, wouldn't it be fun to live in "The Party House"
and go to work at "The Party Job"?) had lots of Tiki stuff on sale.
I did resist the stings of "color changing" Tiki head lights. They were
pretty cool, in a crass consumerism kind of way....

Then started tackling the basement, going through all the books,
what to keep, what to sell to the bookstore. The basement is out
of control and became pack-rat central. So now it is impossible to
find anything at all. I'm determined that will be the winter project,
working on it until it is usable. Who has that much stuff? Where did
it all come from? It is kind of daunting!

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