Friday, August 11, 2006


I got nothing. Strange week at work with lots of changes. Not bad or
good, necessarily, just changes. I'm o.k. with it, I think.

Blood sugar off - can't get into doctor for another week and a half for
medicine change. No iron left in my system either, it feels like. I
don't store it well and fall into anemia occasionally.
I think I'm there again.

I'm going to bed.


Jake said...

Sue, did I talk to you about the wonderful effects of cinnamon and diabetes? If not, here is a great link:

Also, great interview with Christiana!!

I finally listened to some of your husband's podcasts. OMG! He is hilarious!!

Love ya,
- Jake =)

Susan Grandys said...

Jake -
I have been taking about 1/2 teaspoon
of cinnamon in my coffee every morning for the the last year. The medicine continues not to work as well.

I had fun with Christiana, glad you liked the interview. Yup, Cayenne's podcast is amazingly good. He has a Polish listener who tells him "If you were in Poland, you'd be famous by now".
Sadly his podcast only gets about 600 listeners. It is the most undiscovered gem in podcastland. I'm beating him up to get a promo done to send you and Manly Geek this week. He needs all the adverstising he can get. More people need to hear his show! The world would be a funnier place!