Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Party Anticipations

Yikes, only 2 more days to get ready for the big Tiki bash this
Saturday. The weather looks like it is going to behave, we have
8 Tiki torches, decorations, leis, drinks, hmmmm what are we
missing? Oh yeah, food! Still have to buy the darned food. Not
much of a barbeque without it...

Work, exercise, take lots of medicine. Week days aren't the most
exciting things to happen. The new drug is lowering the blood glucose
a little bit, not a lot. Its one of those stupid drugs that can take 8
weeks to get up to full effect. I want immediacy! Now! But I am able
to add a few carbodydrates back - I had a bowl of hot cereal and it
made me happy. Mmmmmm, Carbs. I did also drop 2 lbs in the
last 2 days after starting the drug. I wonder if that is from the drug?
That would be really sweet!

I am hoping for actual sleep tonight. I haven't been able to sleep for
the last 3 nights. Last night was awful. The more I tried to calm the
brain and relax, the faster it went, it actively resisted being quiet!
I don't think I'm all that stressed about anything, I seem to have
come to terms with things and reached a new tenuous balance.
Then why the heck can't I sleep?

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