Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tiki Zombie Hangover

Owwww. Yes I am hungover. The Tiki party was amazing. We went
all out, and went from 3 in the afternoon until about 1 a.m. It was so
amazing that we were disappointed that about 10 of our regular
guests didn't show up and get to see it. They would have loved it!

There was beer, and leis and Tiki decorations and torches, and
curry, and Polynesian food, and really great people and conversation.
Well for the 25 or so of us that were there, it was up there with one
of the best barbeques we've ever thrown.

Mike's portable Tiki bar was a huge success, and he was a great
bartender. I unfortunately discovered that he made killer "Zombies"
and I am really paying for this discovery today......

Pictures to follow (of the party, not of me and my hangover!!!)

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