Monday, August 28, 2006

Toxins and Mud

The new show for Uncomfortable Questions - Erin Interview, is finally
up! It was a tough edit, mostly because I was so hung over from the
party, I had to keep going and taking naps. But I edited like mad
since I got home from work today, and it is done! Whew!

I'm still really sore and stiff from the weekend, I think I hit a new
toxic level in my poor beleaguered body. They had chair massages
at work today, so I grabbed a 20 minute slot. When she was done,
I was dizzy and had to drink lots of water (supposedly massage
releases lots of toxins back in the body to be flushed away). Of
course I had a meeting right after!

I need to get a little less sore, and had better start walking more
this week. This weekend looks like the perfect weather to go to the
Renaissance Fair! I've been waiting for cool, slightly rainy weather,
and the weather says Sunday will be about 68 degrees and rainy.
It's my favorite time to go and sit by the shopkeeper's fires.
I'd actually prefer even colder, but I tried that last year and
nearly missed it, because it never got cool in September at all.
So if I can scrape up the money (yay! shopping!!!!) I'll give it a
go this weekend, on whatever day looks the coldest.

My favorite memory of the Renn Fest, is one year it was about 50
degrees and it poured all day. Everything was mired in mud -
probably the most "authentic" medieval experience I've ever had
there. There was no avoiding the mud, so the entire King's court
in their fancy gowns went mud sliding! It was something to behold.

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