Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I finally got the next podcast show up - Christiana Interview.
Get it while it's hot! I'll admit I dragged my butt, a little, to see if the
last show would top 1000 downloads (to see if the previous show was
just a fluke - it is well over 1300 hits, now). The Jake interview was
at 1051 downloads tonight. I am really happy about that!

Read the comments to yesterday's post. I nearly wrote an entire blog
just in the discussion. So now I can be lazy?

My hellish test cycle should be done by Friday. I noticed another
new job in technology pattern. The 1st year, I am always proud of
myself - I learn such amazing amounts of new stuff, and it is all good
when you start from zero knowledge of the product. You think it is
amazing how much you can do.

The 2nd year I feel really stupid. I think it is because I am confident
enough to pursue the really hard stuff, so everything is very difficult.
Perhaps because my expectations of myself are a lot higher. So the
2nd year is spent really learning the deeper level. By the 3rd year,
a new comfort level or expertise is achieved, and you start thinking
you might know something, after all. Unfortunately the 2nd year
just started for me.....

Thinking a lot about restructuring the diet and exercise. This
morning I ate a bowl of fairly low carb cereal, and my blood glucose
shot up 100 points in 10 minutes. I nearly passed out - your body
can't handle that! Unfortunately, at that point, the only thing you
can do is exercise it off. So there I am, trying to get ready for work,
nearly unconscious, trying to pedal my exercise bike, and not fall
off. I did get the levels back down far enough so I could drive to work.

I don't think the drugs are working very well. My number have been
higher than normal for the last few months. The drugs were
wonderful for 7 years, but a guy at work said you can build up a
tolerance to the diabetic drugs, and have to change drugs. I didn't
know that! (And I've done a lot of reading on the subject...)

Unfortunately that was the safest one, the others can cause
hypoglycemia, and I am really prone to that. They had to take me
off a drug in the beginning because I kept nearly passing out from
blood sugar being too low. This is really the most difficult balancing
act. (And I have lousy balance). Anyways, it did scare me a bit, this
morning. I guess I have a lot more hard work ahead.

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