Saturday, August 12, 2006

A weekend day for me

Another great interview for the show tonight! This was with a British
physicist living in Texas, and we talked for 2 hours! I love those - so
much material to choose from. He had some interesting viewpoints
that should make an excellent show!

Otherwise, I went to the Irish Fair this morning, and as predicted,
bought some pretty things - 2 leather bracelets with Celtic insets,
2 bead and crystal bracelets, and a pair of earrings. I managed to
keep the spending fairly low - for me, anyways. I managed to resist
buying sweaters and embroidered shirts, like I usually do.

I also got the answer on where my electric car was. Paul, a web
friend posted a link on the post a few days back in a comment.
I followed that site to another link on it that explained what
was happening with lithium-ion batteries. Check out:

Then I did a search on lithum-ion cars and saw that quite a lot of
work is going on, not surprisingly with Toyota at the forefront - but
other car manufacturers are in there too. They are serious about
this! It looks like it will still be another 3-5 years before we really
get going with the cars, though. It gives me hope. I feel trapped
having only one option (such as oil based cars only). With a lack of
competition, the oil companies can set any price they like.
Choices are better.

The rest of the day just flashed by. I took some iron and felt better,
got the blood sugar levels lower by not eating any carbohydrates
at all for a few days. (It would be nice to have a few!) I also slept 11
hours last night. I really was a mess yesterday. Today is better.
Sometimes I get tired of the balancing act, getting all the chemical
levels right in my body, just so I feel almost normal. But what are
the alternatives? Let it all go and never feel good?

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