Friday, August 25, 2006

When right is wrong

Where is my mind? I know I did stuff at work today, and got stuff
done and had a reasonably good time. But I really don't remember
what I did. I guess my mind is out wandering, again. Will it come
back with good stories to tell?

What am I thinking about? Still looking back over the last year and
a half, and wondering about a lot of things. I can't change anything,
I don't think I did wrong, but so many things did not go well. But
it feels like I did the right things, so why are the right things wrong?
If you can't tell what is the right thing to do, how do you do them?
I really do think too much....

Things are pretty much ready for the party tomorrow, just setup and
go, really. So I guess I'll go out and see the D.J. friend who now has
an additional gig on Fridays at my favorite restaurant. Can I resist
those onion rings? Should I? Whatever I do, it will probably we
wrong, so I might as well do wrong gleefully, or loudly, or something!

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