Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Where is my electric car??

Wow. Lots and lots of interesting news at work today. And I still had
to try and concentrate on my difficult testing that I am doing. It was
really hard to stay focused! I will be sooooooo glad when this test is
done. It is making me crazy.

Thinking a lot about gas prices and started looking at alternative fuel
and hybrid cars. I won't need a car for several years, but it is nice to
know what is happening. Not a lot of good choices out there yet,
most don't get all that good of mileage, except a couple of Toyota's.
The next thing they are working on are "plug-in" hybrid cars. Those
are supposed to get over 100 miles to the gallon. Now those might be
a good solution to ease America off of oil. Nice to see the work is
being done by some car manufacturers. I think we are going to need
those cars, real soon now!

Also interesting that the alternative fuel initiatives, money for
research and tax incentives are all coming from the State level.
California and New York are already doing things. Even little
Minnesota is funding some ethanol research. The Feds certainly
don't care about it. Would cut into the oil profits, I guess.
Why poor BP only posted a 7 billion dollar profit. How do they
get by?

I'm keeping an eye on flight options to Japan. Costs are still fairly
low, I'm afraid they may jump with the oil prices, also. NW airlines
is having it's problems, and I think they are pretty evil, so I was
looking at some options. There is an Air Nippon and a Japan Airlines
flight out of Minneapolis that I didn't know about. A little more
expensive, but it might be worth it. They are very good airlines.

Yeah, yeah, stop dreaming and get back to working on that show edit....


Big Phil said...

There is a documentary now called "Who Killed the Electric Car?"
The electric car actually has an interesting history.
Of course, the oil companies have done everything they could to eliminate the electric car.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I doubt that "Big Oil" killed the electric car. What killed the electric car is the lack of battery technology; the range of the car is far too lacking among many other things.

THe biggest thing that doomed the electric car (for now at least) is safety. Unless we can get away from wetcell batteries, a crash could mean a substantial battery acid spill which could really ruin your day.

Hybrid technology is really no solution as it's still not economically viable (until gas reaches $3.50 a gallon).

Fuel Cell has serious problems with both construction material availability and hydrogen storage problems... so...yeah.

The interesting thing about the $7b profits is that they only posted a 7% profit margin which is modest by any measure when coke and pepsi post 50% or more.

I'm sure the govn't is the one that doesn't want to do anything becuase of the incredible amounts tax revenue it gets from fuel sale that it wouldn't otherwise get.


Susan Grandys said...

I haven't seen the Electric Car movie thing, so I really have no
idea why I don't have one :)

If "Big Oil" didn't kill it, then they are naive and not doing their job in this cutthroat business world. For 20 years I have watched computer companies buying the competition and throwing away the technology. They do it on purpose to remove the competition from the market sector they want. For instance Brocade just bought McDATA, yesterday, I suspect for that very reason. If I were big oil or car engine manufacturers, I certainly would have killed the electric car.

I'm mad about their 7 billion dollar profit, in that BP hasn't bothered to maintain the coroded pipeline, and now have to shut it down, at oh so opportune a time. Gosh, gas prices will have to go up! Poor them! Mighty convinent. But then, maybe I'm cynical.

As for the federal government, just research what lobbyists gave them the most money, and look at their stock portfolios. Hard to
say they don't want oil to suceed big time. How could they not?
I even considered buying oil stock 10 years ago, just because I was pretty sure this was coming. But I didn't - I keep buy that darned technology stock.

What I'm mad about is I am a firm believer in technology. I lived through the last oil crisis in 1974. Oh my there was a flurry of research and it looked like the alternative fuel cars would be along shortly. But we all went back to sleep, lulled by cheap oil, and research didn't progress quickly. We've had 30 years to perfect the batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen, or something else.
We went to the moon in less than 10 years. Yes, I lived through that too (I'm old, my dear). But we can't come up with a viable fuel alternative.

Sure it is too expensive, but it will remain that way until it is adopted. Technology always gets cheaper as mass production increases. The first writable DVD recorders were $10,000.

We are in this mess, because we don't want to change. Giving a monopoly to one source is always dangerous. Why wouldn't they take advantage of it? No company are the "good guys". Not when stockholders demanding their money are involved. Would I like a more altruistic world? Heck yes! But I'm not stupid enough to believe I live in one. I know how businesses work. Too much 1st hand knowledge.

Susan Grandys said...

Oh yeah, and I'm mad that I didn't get to go to the moon, either. We really believed back then, that we would.

I'm mad at technology for not progressing like it should have.
It's not worth being mad at corporations. I expect them to be evil!

Anonymous said...


Much to say, but i'm exhausted. I'll post tomorrow.