Friday, September 29, 2006

What to do?

Last night was "maintenance" night. I had put so many things off,
I marched home, payed bills, did finances, balanced the checkbook,
burned off several disks from downloads, etc. etc. Efficiently ticked
off everything, exercised, went to bed. I forgot to blog entirely!
Not that I have anything interesting to say - it's just become a
habit I try to keep up.

Nothing interesting today,either. Work, come home, do stuff.
Had a conversation about how most of life is just people trying to
find something to do. I swear people get married and have kids
just so they have something to do. Then after several years, they
get bored and rebel against it, and want something else to do.
Same with jobs, hobbies, causes, politics, you name it.
We all just need something to do. Seems kind of silly.

"Heck of a way to run a railroad".... (an old saying that I don't
even know where it comes from).

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The other side of pain

The tree by work is bright red again. I realized a year has gone by
since it was that beautiful flame color last fall. It caused me to
reflect on where I've been in the last year.

And I realize that nothing is really different. I am still sad, I still
feel a lot of pain about life. I don't really trust anyone. The ones
I opened my heart to and believed in, only betrayed that.
The health is no better, the joys have been sparse. I still fret a
lot over my friends, and there is nothing I can do to help. I'm
not sure that they consider my help a thing that matters. All
the things I so wanted to happen this year, did not. Not one thing.
(So much for keeping a mental laundry list of "Things That I

And yet, having gone through the pain, I feel like I am looking
backwards at it. I have a different relationship to it. Now I
acknowledge that life is pain, at least for me, (I will never be
one of those people who find joy in everything) but it doesn't
bother me as much. I fought it so hard, for so long, trying to
make it otherwise and it nearly consumed me. Now I see the
pain as an almost distant observer.

It simply is.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You Gotta Have Friends

Up at 6am, and another day of Linux class. The teacher kept going
faster and faster trying to cram in all the material. We , of course,
all screwed up all our computers and made them unusable. What
do you expect from an entire class full of super-testers?

My head spinning, I dashed off to meet an old co-worker up by
the old job, at an old, familiar coffee shop that I used to hang out
in with another old friend. A walk down memory lane of a year
of good but strange times. How things have changed.

It was great seeing my friend and we talked for over 3 hours,
we haven't seen each other in a couple of months. There isn't
anything better than friends. How I miss all the old ones.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Computers and Breathing

The computer problems aren't done yet. The iBook's hard drive
stopped working entirely. (Luckily my PC is still fine - but it
hampers Cayenne's work a bit. His eMac is still limping along -
but it's hard drive is cranky).

I read up on what it took to replace an iBook hard drive. I was
horrified by 20 pages of disassembly instructions. In the nick of time
I remembered I bought a 3 year Apple Care package on the iBook -
and it's still covered! Yay! They will put in a new hard drive for free.
Whew! (Though, it will take about a week....)

I had the worst Asthma attacks last night and couldn't sleep. I only
got about 3 hours of rest, and had to be up at 6 am for a Linux class
that work brought someone in to teach us. (I have to get up at 6 for
the next 3 days! Bleah!) My chest totally aches from trying to
breathe. Got new filters for the big air cleaners and got them set up
and running. It seems to be helping.

I haven't had too many attacks this year, I wonder if it is because it
got cold and now the windows are shut, so I'm breathing a lot of dust.
House cleaning isn't real high on the priority list when there are
shows to get out! Besides, no matter how much you clean, you just
have to do it again. Seems so useless!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Spirit Is Willing....

But the flesh is weak.

The computer problems settled down today, and I spent the whole
day finishing up then next Uncomfortable Questions podcast show.
I can't believe it is finally done. It is posted, at last:
The Dana Interview.

I loaded in the files for the next show I need to edit, and to my
dismay, the recorded material is even longer than the Dana show.
It's going to be another marathon edit. I hope I can get it done
in better time. That is the price I pay for having such wonderful
conversations with my guests. We just keep right on talking, and
then I have to do something with it!

I was supposed to go see my favorite 4 bands, and then see a friend
off tonight. It just couldn't happen. I was so exhausted after finishing
the show, I was worthless this evening. I just couldn't get up off the
couch. I hate that. I had something I really wanted to do, and I
just couldn't move. Is this what getting old is going to be?

Too tired to enjoy life? If the joy goes out of life, why bother?
No wonder people die.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Dog Ate My Computer

Ah, another day messing with computers at home that kept crashing,
reinstalling systems, trying to comprehend bittorrents and finding a
client that would work, baffled by my disk burning software, codecs,
and so on. The Mac laptop seems dinged beyond repair. Even a
system re-install didn't fix it....Not sure what to do now.
This computer stuff is getting out of hand!

I worked the rest of the day editing my show, I hope to gosh I can
get it up tomorrow. I'm 9 minutes from finishing the 1st edit. Then
I need to do another pass to wrestle it down to size. There goes the

There is a huge music show I have to get to tomorrow,
a final blowout of 5 bands we know to see off a member of one of
the bands that is moving to Los Angeles. I hope I have enough
energy to see 5 bands and then go to the going away party!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Chemicals R Us

Tough day. I swear I can now feel when my seratonin levels are low,
just like I can with my blood glucose levels. I have been reduced to
chemical soup. On the one hand it is comforting to know when I am
down for no reason, that my brain chemicals may be a little off. On
the other hand it makes me crabby that I may be only chemicals,
not spirit or soul. There is no elegance in that.

I had long nightmares last night about a misplaced friend, and then
woke up to another gloomy, rainy day. I felt fairly low when I got to
work. I had to battle to shake off the mood, but finally got involved
in my job and had warm conversations with people at work - by the
end of the day I felt a lot better.

So if I can combat the chemical level effects though an effort of mind
and will, does that mean there is something outside of the chemical
body that exerts that will? Why would chemicals decide to combat
chemicals? Interesting dilemma.....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Speed Learning

I got interesting news from the old job, today. It seems more and
more people from the old group are leaving. I suspected it would
happen, it just took awhile to get going. I feel bad for those that are
left. It can't be fun.

Meanwhile, I'm having fun at the new job (not so new, 1 year, 3
months), but there are times I still feel like the "new kid". Most
people I work with have been there 5 years or more! There is still
so much I don't know. I thought it would be a snap, but there is a
lot more to this job than I suspected. Should keep me interested for
years to come.

I'm learning at an accelerated rate again.. So much new stuff, my
head actually hurts when I leave for the day. I love it, and am
frustrated at the same time. Then when I got home I had to spend a
few hours getting the new DSL modem to work. Turned out to be
another obscure thing that only the phone company knew. But it's
up, and I'm back on the net at a much faster speed (1.5 Mb), and
loving it!

That is entirely too much computers in a day.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm Featured!

My podcast "Uncomfortable Questions" was the "Featured Podcast
of the Day" yesterday on a major directory -
My dear Jake, who I interviewed awhile back was the guest chooser
of the week, and I was one of the shows he featured this week!
I only got an extra maybe 60 or so downloads because of it, but I
thought it was a really cool thing and it made me feel pretty good.
Who doesn't like to be "featured"!! :) :)

I don't think I'm ever going to get the next show up. It is 5 days late,
and it just isn't going to happen before Saturday. I had 97 minutes
of material (that I need to get down to about 45 minutes). It is going
to be one of those dreaded "double edits". I'll have to edit the whole
thing, which will only get it down to 70 minutes, and then I'll have
to do it again, this time ruthlessly cutting stuff I like. I've can only
do about 10 minutes a night - that takes me over an hour!

And I do this for fun!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Snapshot of a day

I finally made some headway at work. After I found a multi-path
RDAC driver (a 2 hour search on the web - why don't they put them
somewhere you can find them?) I rebuilt the Linux kernel and
reconfigured it to boot that image, with the fibre channel drivers
and by gosh it worked! I had no idea what I was doing...
I felt like a king :)

Otherwise the diet is still unclear. I feel better for sure, but I am
barely clinging to my 2 lb. weight loss. I can live with this diet, but
I have no idea if I'll actually lose weight at all. It is going to come
very hard and very slow. The days when I can lose 25 lbs in 2 months
are long, long gone. With extraordinary luck it will be about a pound
a week. This could take years..... I'm sad about that, but I don't have
a lot of choices left. I don't like that either.
I'm all about choices.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tech is not for the faint of heart

I hate days like this! After struggling all weekend with computer
problems, I go to work and don't comprehend or accomplish anything!
I was trying to two things at once (badly), and just couldn't
understand them. The brain just wouldn't wrap around it. I ended
up getting nowhere. I decided to buckle down and take the time to
learn more about one of the problems, and I couldn't find the stupid
documentation anywhere, not even on the IBM website, where I
was sure it was. And it will all be waiting for me tomorrow....

Technology is not for those with weak self esteem.
By the end of they day, I was wondering why they even pay me!

Then it was rush home (late), edit 10 more minutes of the show
(40 more minutes to go), exercise, check mail, blog, and now I'm
really beat. Now can I relax? (and do nothing tech-like, whatsoever!).

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Marathon Editing

I did find out what is wrong with my new DSL modem from tech
support at my ISP late last night. Since it has been 7 years since I
got the last one, the phone company has changed the "modulation"
on DSL lines from CAP to DMT, and I have to ask them to change
my line to the new kind. Who would have known that? That is why
I love my ISP. They have amazing tech support!

Today, I should have had my next Uncomfortable Questions podcast
up, but, I don't. I worked on it all day and am only at the halfway
mark. I hadn't realized how much I had recorded when I talked
with Dana from Newfoundland. I'm trying to cut down well over an
hour and a half of material. She was really fun, and I hate to cut
anything. When I edit, I really like that I get to hear a great
conversation again. I get to have them twice! :)

I still have hours of editing left, so I hope the fans aren't too mad
that this show is going to be very late. A few more days yet, I
suppose, since I'll have to do the rest of the edit after work, along
with everything else.

I'm also trying to get used to the fact that it really is fall. It was
mostly in the upper 50's today, sunny, breezy and beautiful. But there
is that chill in the air and that color the sky turns in the fall - a much
more intense blue than in summer. Fall is my favorite time of the
year, yet I'm always sad that another summer is gone. To me it is
also "road trip" time, but since we went in the spring - no fall trip
this year. But I still get the worst wanderlust in the fall....

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Battling Tech

After the 7 year old Cisco DSL router started crashing multiple times
a day for the last 2 weeks, I brilliantly thought - "I'll buy a new,
modern DSL router!" Keeping up with the times, you know.

So I spent the whole evening try to get the new one to work.
I configured it exactly like the old router, and voila! It won't connect
to the ISP. So mailed the ISP's tech support all my settings and
they are right. Grrrr. I haven't a clue, and I'm crabby that I was
defeated by a simple router. Why is it every time I replace any
computer or anything in my network, it is a 2 day battle to get it
to work?

And I do this for a living. How do non-technical people even live
with computers? If I were them, I'd throw them all out the window.
For me, it is just like another day at work....

Friday, September 15, 2006

How to Lead a Joyless Existence?

I know a person who virtually never shows any happiness or joy.
I wonder if he really doesn't have any? If it is true, how do you get
up in the morning? Why do you get up at all?

I'm trying to imagine what it would be like to live like that, year
after year. Just dead grayness at best, far darker things at worst.
Was he always like that? How does internally rationalize life?
Does he think it will get better somehow (even though he is
older), or did he give up all hope a long time ago? It makes me
so sad, I wish I could fix it, but I know that is not to be.

I'm rather prone to my own mood swings, but it does include a
lot of silliness, a real enjoyment of other people, and a rather
humorous viewpoint about nearly everything. The dark times
are bad and there is a lot of sadness in my life, but I still find
beauty in the strangest things.

Like beachballs, pink hair, and ducks.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Ugh! Today I circled around to feeling like crap again. My body
noticed it was loosing weight quickly and had a temper tantrum.
I was STARVING all day. My blood glucose levels are now
consistently too low and I get very sleepy and confused. Hell of a
way to be a diabetic! Every time I think I have it all balanced, a
drug or diet change mess up the whole thing. So now I hurt and
I'm really tired, but probably due to low glucose.

I have to get up off this couch and make myself exercise. Hmmm.
Here I go! Yup. Anytime now. Don't blink, or you might miss it....
Uh-huh. Getting up now....real soon.....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm An Eternal Kid

I'm not doing anything useful. I got totally hooked on the cartoon
"One Piece" (not the American version, they edited the hell out of
that one and took the heart out of it) so I am watching all the Fan
Subtitled versions from Japan. Unfortunately there are 275 episodes
so far! (It is still the #1 series in Japan). The author said he was
about 1/2 done with the series. So I guess I'll stay out of trouble
for a looooooooooooooong time......

The show is a goofy but amazing adventure series about "pirates".
I say that in quotes, as they really aren't pirates, but adventurers.
More like pirates with super-powers. The storytelling is pretty
amazing with lots of guts and will make you cry in spots, it is so
heart-rending. So who needs to grow up?
Me - I'm busy watching cartoons. :) :)

I'm brilliant, responsible and scientific all day, but a kid by night!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Days. How they flee by. What are they escaping from?

Another blur of a day. Enjoyed talking to people at work, wrestled
with my network in a new test set-up, learned a whole bunch of
new stuff until my head hurt. I have a tendency to try to learn
something new all at once in a matter of hours. This rarely
works, and I have to back off and walk through it a little slower :)
But it is cool the few times you get a whole new concept in a single
flash of intuition.....

Too soon to tell if the new anti-inflammation diet is much good for
weight loss, it's only been 2 days, but I did lose 1 1/4 lbs. But it is
great for feeling good! I feel better than I have in ages. The fatigue
and lethargy is gone, and all the joint and body pain is almost gone
too. I've been able to work out with no problems for the last two
nights. I'm cutting back on my meds even, and the blood sugar
has finally come down. So we will have to go in this direction for
awhile and see what happens.

Monday, September 11, 2006

America and Vegetables

So I suppose I should write something about September 11th.
Or if I soundly ignore it, would that count as my blow to the terrorists
that I have not changed my usual apathetic, non-political self, even
though the rest of the country gave up all freedom and sensibility
for 5 years because of just one blow?

I'll choose to ignore it. That's the real American way, not the stupid
fear ridden country of the last 5 years. That is not my America.
I prefer the brash, noisy, self-made, stubborn individualists from
before. More like Australians. (Maybe that is the love we all have
for the Australian stereotypes - they are what we should have been).

Instead I'll complain about vegetables. I've eaten tons of them
in the last couple of days. I never liked them, much - but the diet
holds some promise. So I'm eating them....

Lots of not much happening in my life, but I'm left with only hope.
Much could happen in the next year that is good, (job, health,
money, travel, shows, and such) or it could all fall apart and suck.
But at this moment I am poised on the tenuous side of hopeful

Things could go quite well. Maybe.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I hope this works....

My god, I'm full! I read the book "UltraMetabolism" yesterday,
and I read the entire book "The Fat Resistance Diet" today. I
tried to follow that eating plan today which involved shopping and
preparing of new things. At first I found myself really angry and
resisting it - I had to give up the last few things I enjoy eating.
This was the inflammation diet book that I thought would be too
hard to do. But when I finished sulking and feeling sorry for myself,
I admitted that what I was doing now didn't work, and I decided
to go for it.

The book could have been my own case history of inability to lose
weight on 1200 calories and had plausible explanations of why this
would happen, and how to fix it. It is way more calories than I was
eating, and I couldn't get it all in. Now I'm nervous; I equate being
full with gaining weight. I guess tomorrow will tell. But I ate a ton of
vegetables, fruit and protein and I have to admit I feel pretty good.
The joint pain is already less. I'll follow it for awhile and report back.

I'm mildly optimistic that I can do this, but don't want to get my
hopes up. I've failed so many times, recently, at getting control of
this unruly body. Great. So now I have an unruly body and an
unruly mind....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Study Time

I was pretty down this morning, still frustrated with the starvation
and inability to budge the weight. So I do what I always do. I set off
to learn more. I read on the web for awhile about resistance to
weight loss even at severe calorie deficits.

This led me to thyroid deficiencies and inflammation problems, both
which can cause such resistances. And many things fit. Inflammation
can cause asthma, diabetes, allergies, joint pain, all which I have. I
also have half the symptoms of low thyroid, even though the last
time it was checked it was still in range (though recently they
tightened the range).

Then it was off to the bookstore for more research. I eventually
bought a book on metabolism and another on the inflammation
diet. I read through the high points of both books. I found I really
should add kelp to my diet for thyroid support, and tumeric for
inflammation. So off to Whole Foods to get the supplements. None
of this may work, but I have to feel like I am doing something! I'm
always happiest when I am actively trying to solve a problem.

I think I'll try the stuff in the metabolism diet first. It is a very
multifaceted approach of supplements to help, exact types of food,
reducing stress, controlling thyroid, controlling inflammation,
exercising, and detoxifying the liver. I may not lose weight, but I'd
at least be rather healthy! :)

I've got hopes for the inflammation thing. I'm having a hard time
exercising because every joint in body hurts so much. It is painful
just to move around, some days. Just getting that better would be
worth a lot.

The best line I read though was "The World Heath Organization
(WHO) classifies a diet containing less than 2100 calories for the
average man and 1800 calories for the average woman as a
starvation diet."

Kind of makes you understand why this is so darned hard. And we
do it on purpose! Who says dieters don't have willpower? I've been
doing 1200 calories. How long can you do a self imposed starvation?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Why the bloody hell am I here?

I feel like there should be a purpose that I am supposed to be
fufilling, but I'm not. Or maybe it is just an attempt to impose
meaning on my chaos?

I ponder the themes that have run through my life for a clue:

Am I here to explore food? If we choose our life and our purpose,
why would I have chosen to also be fat and diabetic? Not compatible
with an enjoyment of the finer foods :(

Love. Something I've always wanted and craved. But I wasn't
given the equipment I need for that exploration. I'm not the
greatest lover, just o.k. I'm not beautiful, nor have I ever
attracted love. It just didn't happen. 10 lovers or so, but most
were weekend flings. No one wanted to stay. Why?

Friendship. I'm pretty comfortable and fun to be around but
no one works with me to maintain the friendships. Do I make
it too easy? If something is easy, then I guess it is not a grand
prize. If I don't work very hard at the friendships, they
drift away. I'm told I'm such a good friend, but I guess that
is not a priority or important thing.

Work? What I do hardly matters to the universe. I test hardware
and software. I'm a leech on the fact that developers aren't
perfect. I have a job because they make mistakes (and the
company doesn't want the customers to see too many of them.)
I don't create or produce anything myself. I just catch mistakes.
(And I'm weirdly good at it!) A strange way to make a living, if
you really think about it.

I don't work for any great causes. I don't save the whales, or the
poor, or save lives, or make the world a better place, or really
make a difference to anything.... So why am I here?
What did I forget to do???

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rented to Science

I rented my body out for science and made $40!

Actually, I did a glucose meter study at the Intl. Diabetes Center this
morning. They took 2 blood tests and I evaluated the meter for ease
of use, but mostly I ended up correcting their manual. I do that a lot
at work and I just can't get away from it. I got $40 for my trouble,
which wasn't much, because I had to go there for a doctors appt.
today anyways.

What else? I still starving and still haven't lost any more weight. In
fact I gained a pound back. Very discouraging! My doctor did drop
one of the meds in half, that might help, but I doubt it. I just have
nowhere to go from here. I just can't cut my food any more. How the
heck can you gain weight on 1200 calories? I can't function if I go
lower. I don't know what I'm going to do. I keep hoping the magic
elves will show up and steal my weight....

At this point, that's the only way this is going to work out.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Goodbye to love

I just heard two friends of mine are separating from their marriage.
Jeeze. They seemed absolutely perfect together, and when I
interviewed the guy for my show a year ago, he went on and on about
how happy she made him and how that was all he wanted. They had
been married about 7 years at that point. I was so impressed that
they were still so in love. And now? What happened? It just ruins my
faith that anyone will ever find long lasting love. If people like that
can't make it, I don't know who can.

Actually of all of the people I hang around with nowadays, all the
couples but one have now broken up. And that was just in the last
3 years!

I guess none of us understands this love thing. What is everyone
looking for? Continuous passion and excitement? Do they really think
they are going to get it? What ever happened to just wanting a
"companion to grow old with"? I think that is how it was supposed to
work. Seriously. I think that is about all you can reasonably expect.
It seems like every 2 years, or so, the hyper passion of a relationship
dies, and everyone goes off looking for it again.

I wish passion did last like that. But it doesn't. I don't think it can.
I'm not even sure it was ever ment to.

Eventually our laziness, carelessness, real personalities with all its
selfishness, inattention, boredom, comfort seeking, and well,
humanness - re-exerts itself.

And the couples stare aghast at their object of perfect desire, and
wonder "What was I thinking?"!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Karma, don't be a stranger

Why am I struggling with the concept of Karma, lately?
Not in the classical sense, where it determines your next lifetime,
but in the popular sense, where what you put into life determines
what you get back out of it.

I don't really believe in it. Nothing in my life has proven its existence.
It seems quite the opposite happens. But I can't seem to let go of it.
It is one of those ideas that seems so right.

Good things should happen to people who help and care for others.
Bad things should happen to people who hurt people.
Why do bad people go on to get all the things they want, then?
Why do they get away with inflicting pain, unscathed, while the good
ones suffer so much?

Is it because those who do good have a conscience, and those that
don't aren't prone to suffering, because they just don't care or don't
take responsibility for their actions? No conscience, no pain?

Why isn't there Karma in this lifetime?
And if there is, why can't I see it?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Goodbye Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter) is dead. I'm actually very sad. I
saw most of his shows and he brought me much entertainment, a
great respect for wildlife, and many laughs and smiles. He also did an
awful lot for the wildlife and even bought tracts of land with his TV
money to preserve many species. One of the most passionate and
positive people and true characters I've ever seen. Traits that seem
to be missing in most people these days.

The world is a poorer place when people like that die. Why do those
who bring good to the world die young in unfair ways? (And evil
people who harm the world or make it a sadder place, like Strom
Thurmond, live forever?) I wish I understood that. It is one of
the major problems I have with believing in karma, fairness or
divine justice.

He died from a freak accident with a stingray - very, very rare. He
was only 44 years old, and so full of life and crazy attitude. It didn't
seem possible that he could die. That he was charmed somehow, and
the gods smiled on him.

I'm always a little freaked out when friends, and people I know that
are younger than me, die. I feel both angry that they went so young,
and somewhat stunned that I am still alive. Like I'm lucky to have
made it this far...

Goodbye Steve.
Thanks for everything you did for the world and the animals.
Your passing leaves a hole in the hearts of this world.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Soggy Fun Fairs

Today was my perfect day at the Renaissance Fair. It was coolish,
muddy and a bit soggy, so it wasn't crowded at all! There was only
one serious rain storm while I was there, and it came just when I
was a bit hot, so it cooled me off nicely (even if I did drip a bit,

I ate a few things, bought a few things, looked at everything, drank
some mead, and was entranced by the turtles at the Como zoo
display. By afternoon, I was out of money and calorie budget, so
managed to bail out right before the really serious storms started.
I didn't want to leave, but it rained hard and continuously from just
after 3 pm, so it was probably for the best. I think if I had enough
money I would have just kept going.

I was so exhausted from the walking, though. I jumped in the hot tub
and that sapped any will I had left. It took a couple hour nap to
recover. See, fresh air and exercise is bad for you! :)

For some people the State Fair is their rite of passage from Summer
into the Fall. For me it is the Renaissance Fair. Whatever the ritual,
I have that feeling of fall-ishness descending on me (even though the
trees haven't started turning yet).

I also drove by the place our company is putting it's new building
that we are moving to in a year. It is only a few miles from the
Renaissance Fair site. The drive to the new place will only take me
about 20 minutes in clear traffic, so it won't be such a bad thing.
It will be a gorgeous drive in the fall - it goes through and along the
river valley and is filled with greenery and trees.

I finished watching the Dorothy L. Sayers Mysteries series tonight,
(I did stay up watching them until 2 am last night). They couldn't
get the rights for the 4th book that should have been in the
series, Hollywood had bought it and wouldn't give it to the BBC.
An artistic crime, in my opinion. The series was unfinished, and it
had such a spectacular cast. I would have loved to see them do that
last book. Hollywood never made the movie either, so everyone loses!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Slabs and Wimsey

It was a rather nice day. Ran a bunch of errands, needed totally
disparate things - toothpaste, wine, lottery tickets, some groceries
rawhide chews and sand. Needless to say, had to go all over to
get that lot!

The sand was to put in a 3 x 6 area of pavers in front of the shed,
so it will be easier to get open in the winter. Too hard to shovel the
gravel that was in front of it, clear of the snow. Managed to put off
that task all summer :) We've never layed paving stones, so this
was an experiment. If it works out I'm thinking of doing a large
area in the back next summer. There was lots of digging, leveling
gravel and sand, and we were helped out by a rainstorm while
laying the stones. But it is done, and rather anti-climax. It looks
just like a 3 x 6 foot slab of red concrete paving stones. I'm not
sure what I was expecting. The Taj Mahal?

Spent the whole evening watching DVDs of the Dorthy L. Sayers
Mysteries, a BBC series from 1987. I had read all of her Lord
Peter Wimsey books years ago and seen the first BBC series of
them which was good, but didn't really capture the eccentricities
of the books. This 2nd series is great! And I'll probably stay up
late and keep watching them....

Friday, September 01, 2006

Are you food?

Damn! Starvation and exercise work! Its only been 3 days and I have
lost 2 and a 1/2 lbs and I'm developing muscles and feeling stronger.
The blood glucose levels came down too. Hmmm. If this continues,
I might have to stick with it. I hate that! :) I'm still really hungry....

Work was hard to focus on. Everyone was totally in "ready for the 3
day weekend" mode and were all quite social. The usual bail-out
before the holiday started, and I found I was about the only tester
left, and some developers all needed something right now! So I
stayed and helped them out.

Now I'm ready for my 3 day weekend, and I haven't a clue what to do.
I need to start editing the next show, but that is about all that I need
to do. Having free time, and no money or food is not a good
combination! I would love nothing better than to shop and eat... and
then there is the Rennaisance Fair on Sunday, which is a great place
to shop and eat. Great. Yet another challenging experience....