Monday, September 11, 2006

America and Vegetables

So I suppose I should write something about September 11th.
Or if I soundly ignore it, would that count as my blow to the terrorists
that I have not changed my usual apathetic, non-political self, even
though the rest of the country gave up all freedom and sensibility
for 5 years because of just one blow?

I'll choose to ignore it. That's the real American way, not the stupid
fear ridden country of the last 5 years. That is not my America.
I prefer the brash, noisy, self-made, stubborn individualists from
before. More like Australians. (Maybe that is the love we all have
for the Australian stereotypes - they are what we should have been).

Instead I'll complain about vegetables. I've eaten tons of them
in the last couple of days. I never liked them, much - but the diet
holds some promise. So I'm eating them....

Lots of not much happening in my life, but I'm left with only hope.
Much could happen in the next year that is good, (job, health,
money, travel, shows, and such) or it could all fall apart and suck.
But at this moment I am poised on the tenuous side of hopeful

Things could go quite well. Maybe.

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