Monday, September 25, 2006

Computers and Breathing

The computer problems aren't done yet. The iBook's hard drive
stopped working entirely. (Luckily my PC is still fine - but it
hampers Cayenne's work a bit. His eMac is still limping along -
but it's hard drive is cranky).

I read up on what it took to replace an iBook hard drive. I was
horrified by 20 pages of disassembly instructions. In the nick of time
I remembered I bought a 3 year Apple Care package on the iBook -
and it's still covered! Yay! They will put in a new hard drive for free.
Whew! (Though, it will take about a week....)

I had the worst Asthma attacks last night and couldn't sleep. I only
got about 3 hours of rest, and had to be up at 6 am for a Linux class
that work brought someone in to teach us. (I have to get up at 6 for
the next 3 days! Bleah!) My chest totally aches from trying to
breathe. Got new filters for the big air cleaners and got them set up
and running. It seems to be helping.

I haven't had too many attacks this year, I wonder if it is because it
got cold and now the windows are shut, so I'm breathing a lot of dust.
House cleaning isn't real high on the priority list when there are
shows to get out! Besides, no matter how much you clean, you just
have to do it again. Seems so useless!

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