Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Dog Ate My Computer

Ah, another day messing with computers at home that kept crashing,
reinstalling systems, trying to comprehend bittorrents and finding a
client that would work, baffled by my disk burning software, codecs,
and so on. The Mac laptop seems dinged beyond repair. Even a
system re-install didn't fix it....Not sure what to do now.
This computer stuff is getting out of hand!

I worked the rest of the day editing my show, I hope to gosh I can
get it up tomorrow. I'm 9 minutes from finishing the 1st edit. Then
I need to do another pass to wrestle it down to size. There goes the

There is a huge music show I have to get to tomorrow,
a final blowout of 5 bands we know to see off a member of one of
the bands that is moving to Los Angeles. I hope I have enough
energy to see 5 bands and then go to the going away party!

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