Monday, September 04, 2006

Goodbye Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter) is dead. I'm actually very sad. I
saw most of his shows and he brought me much entertainment, a
great respect for wildlife, and many laughs and smiles. He also did an
awful lot for the wildlife and even bought tracts of land with his TV
money to preserve many species. One of the most passionate and
positive people and true characters I've ever seen. Traits that seem
to be missing in most people these days.

The world is a poorer place when people like that die. Why do those
who bring good to the world die young in unfair ways? (And evil
people who harm the world or make it a sadder place, like Strom
Thurmond, live forever?) I wish I understood that. It is one of
the major problems I have with believing in karma, fairness or
divine justice.

He died from a freak accident with a stingray - very, very rare. He
was only 44 years old, and so full of life and crazy attitude. It didn't
seem possible that he could die. That he was charmed somehow, and
the gods smiled on him.

I'm always a little freaked out when friends, and people I know that
are younger than me, die. I feel both angry that they went so young,
and somewhat stunned that I am still alive. Like I'm lucky to have
made it this far...

Goodbye Steve.
Thanks for everything you did for the world and the animals.
Your passing leaves a hole in the hearts of this world.

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Manly Geek said...

The Mrs and I were in shock all day over Steve's passing. What's even more shocking though is how the media is trying their darndest to paint Steve as an abusive "circus trainer" who was responsible for his own death. Terrible, just terrible!!