Sunday, September 10, 2006

I hope this works....

My god, I'm full! I read the book "UltraMetabolism" yesterday,
and I read the entire book "The Fat Resistance Diet" today. I
tried to follow that eating plan today which involved shopping and
preparing of new things. At first I found myself really angry and
resisting it - I had to give up the last few things I enjoy eating.
This was the inflammation diet book that I thought would be too
hard to do. But when I finished sulking and feeling sorry for myself,
I admitted that what I was doing now didn't work, and I decided
to go for it.

The book could have been my own case history of inability to lose
weight on 1200 calories and had plausible explanations of why this
would happen, and how to fix it. It is way more calories than I was
eating, and I couldn't get it all in. Now I'm nervous; I equate being
full with gaining weight. I guess tomorrow will tell. But I ate a ton of
vegetables, fruit and protein and I have to admit I feel pretty good.
The joint pain is already less. I'll follow it for awhile and report back.

I'm mildly optimistic that I can do this, but don't want to get my
hopes up. I've failed so many times, recently, at getting control of
this unruly body. Great. So now I have an unruly body and an
unruly mind....

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