Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm An Eternal Kid

I'm not doing anything useful. I got totally hooked on the cartoon
"One Piece" (not the American version, they edited the hell out of
that one and took the heart out of it) so I am watching all the Fan
Subtitled versions from Japan. Unfortunately there are 275 episodes
so far! (It is still the #1 series in Japan). The author said he was
about 1/2 done with the series. So I guess I'll stay out of trouble
for a looooooooooooooong time......

The show is a goofy but amazing adventure series about "pirates".
I say that in quotes, as they really aren't pirates, but adventurers.
More like pirates with super-powers. The storytelling is pretty
amazing with lots of guts and will make you cry in spots, it is so
heart-rending. So who needs to grow up?
Me - I'm busy watching cartoons. :) :)

I'm brilliant, responsible and scientific all day, but a kid by night!


Big Phil said...

I have Batman bed sheets. Does that make me more of an eternal kid than you?

Susan Grandys said...

Well I don't think that makes you "more" of an eternal kid. Bedsheets are kind of passive... So to beat me, you'd have to do something immensely kid-like ON the Batman sheets! (Sex doesn't count.) Though sex on Batman bedsheets is an amzing image!! :) :) You'd definitely win "weirdness" points!